Baby Yoga

Baby yoga is a wonderful way to spend time with your little one, and can offer many benefits for both of you.

Classes include lots of touch, movement and rhythm which lets babies enjoy their bodies and experience many different sensations.

Other benefits include:

  • better sleep patterns
  • improved digestion and tips on how to relieve colic
  • harmony and balance to their nervous system
  • strengthen muscles and support co-ordination in preparation for crawling and walking.

It's not just for baby! You will:

  • learn more about your baby and what they love to do
  • increase your confidence
  • develop a 'toolkit' of ideas for playtime and sleepy time
  • take time out of your day to indulge in some shared fun and relaxation

Baby yoga doesn't have to stop when crawling starts! Toddler Yoga is a great way to interact with your baby, while they explore their new found abilities. A more dynamic and free flowing class, using music and colourful props to help your baby reach their milestones with confidence - and you get to join in too!

Classes are £36 for a block of 6 or £7 pay as you go.

For more information or to book a free taster session, contact Zoe on 07973 922623 or mail